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Presenting contact details in the right order to suit your potential client needs greatly increases conversion. Please find the details you are looking for and find out how unique you are in your choosing…


A new favourite that works for most businesses.

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While gaining popularity, it is the best solution for generating leads in software solutions. We do not have software to demonstrate in a demo. Yet we want to baffle you with an introduction to how you can use the knowlede of neuroscience to your advantage.

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Losing territory to WhatsApp and booking a meeting. Yet still a greatly used method to get in touch. Esspecially for those with (seemingly) small inquirements. 

The key to great contact forms lies in the perfect follow up. Starting at the thank you page! Will you visit it?

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Are you sending us a letter? Propably not. The address is mostly searched either to visit you or send you an offer with the address on it. 

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People who want to call you want an answer right away. Treat your phone like its hot. Becaus it is!

Once the most prefered contact method. Over the last years it’s popularity declines. It’s decendant: WhatsApp

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+31 (0)6 – 426 11 426

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+31 (0)6 – 34 67 74 19

Future #1: WhatsApp

Quick, allways near and the worlds number 1 communication app: WhatsApp. No wonder it is climbing the ladder of preferred comunication channel.

Note: Younger generations expect you to be available on WhatsApp!

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