Code of ethics

Our team is always ready to tackle the toughest challenges in marketing, recruitment, and tech. This means:

  • We take pride in you as a customer
  • We go above and beyond within our ethical boundaries for you
  • Honesty and transparency are paramount in our collaboration
  • We understand that some tasks are sensitive. Confidentiality is a given.
We’re going to achieve this together!

We’re eager to assist you with the coolest projects in The Netherlands or even worldwide. In this way, we contribute to:

1) Making people’s lives and their environment more enjoyable, better, and easier;


2) Positively guiding behavior towards needs that are already present unconsciously in the brain.

This is where we draw the line:

Our insights and methods can be applied in many ways. But just because something is possible doesn’t mean it should be pursued. We won’t engage in activities that promote negative behavior and/or harm people’s well-being. For example, we won’t:


      • Promote products or services that could be addictive;
      • Incite hatred;
      • Promote (political) ideologies;
      • Target minors for commercial purposes.
Moral of the story

As long as your project doesn’t cause harm to people and/or their environment, we’re open to discussing it with you. The fact that you’re reading this ethical code is already a very positive sign.

So, shall we talk soon?

Let’s connect!

Neuromarketing is not ‘one size fits all‘. Every organisation has different needs. That’s why we’d love to drop by for a cup of coffee. Let’s see what neuromarketing can do for your company.

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